Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rewound Bobbins// Vintage Finds

Recently I have been fortunate to find some really lovely vintage treasures :) I love thrift store hunting and antique swap meet searching for unique and pretty items. I am usually drawn to 1950's era dresses and luggage but lately I find my self gravitating towards antique radios! I want to convert one to play my ipod if that is even possible but if not they are still beautiful. When I went up to San Luis Obispo the other week my best friend gave me an old 1950's record player that although it had seen better days, it was lovely. I also found this darling porcelain jar at a local thrift store and a cute dress from the Long Beach antique swap meet. I hope you enjoy my finds!

Well off to Yosemite!!! See you in a few :)

Kellie May

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  1. Too much fun! I love it and I miss you! Loves!