Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out of the Cave!!!

I have to apologize for being such a neglectful blogger this past month....I have been in a cave studying for my EMT certification. It was a accelerated, accelerated class which had me in class for 6 hours a day and also studying as well as tutoring a fellow classmate. I didn't have much time to do anything else other than the class so I didn't have much to blog about lately. SO BIG APOLOGY from me. I am now back to blogging! I am taking my certification test tomorrow but I wanted to take a quick study break and do a post :) Recently after coming out of the EMT cave I have had the chance to see many wonderful friends again and I am so thankful that my good friend Juliet invited me to downtown Long Beach to stop by the Long Beach Free Store where you can bring in items to donate and also take any items that you may need.....for free! It was such a wonderful experience with such a great community feeling. There was live music by a wonderful band called Shiba Sings and also the every 2nd Saturday street fair was happening as well. I found the most beautiful scent locket there which just happened to match my outfit :)

Mine was Learn to Tango :)

I got the most amazing hand stitched artwork from the free store that I am going to get re-framed

This weekend I also celebrated my Dad's birthday with my family. We went to pyramid lake on my brothers boat....which broke down :(....but we ended up having an amazing time anyways. We ended up going to Fillmore which is a small little town near Ventura where we enjoyed the train museum there. I also dragged my Mom and Dad to every little antique shop in town...I love small towns! Later that night we checked into the Glen Tavern Inn which is a magical craftsman hotel that is rumored to be haunted!! It was amazing to stay there and the food was great too. My family and I had a lovely weekend and I hope you all did too.

Kellie May

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