Monday, June 6, 2011

DiY Monday

I am in love with these lovely little diy projects that I stumbled upon the other day....I can not wait to make them! The first one is special to me because I use to have (or maybe still do somewhere in storage) the cutest little minnie mouse bed tent that I would sleep in as a little girl. My brother had a dinosaur one :) and this diy project is just too perfect...I don't have kids but I really want to make one!

Lovely DiY from Grosgrain blog

Second is a pretty little DiY candle holder set. I love old radiator covers so for me this is so pretty....I was also thinking you could probably use old ceiling tin tiles such as the ones in last picture in the same fashion as this DiY. You could make vases or large candle holders depending on how big your candle is and if you recycle old materials it is a green project too!. 
Candle holder DiY from Ruffled

Use ceiling tiles instead of radiator covers

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!
Kellie May

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