Saturday, May 21, 2011

Southern Belle

This week has been amazing...first my best friend came home from vet school and we have been spending lots of time together. Second...I started doing pilates again which kicked my butt at first but I think I am starting to get back into pilates shape! And third....My most wonderful friends took me out wine tasting at the Wine Lab and I had an amazing favorite wine turned out to be a cabernet sauvignon. After wine tasting we went over to Joe's Crab Shack to get some yummy hush puppies (my absolute favorite!) and spiked sweet tea lemonade :) little did I know I was going to be forced to dress up in a poncho and construction hat and do my best impression of a Mexican jumping bean! It was a lovely time though :)

Lovely friends

Yes I look quite silly!

Just Perfect!

I just love the artwork on the back of this wine bottle

Beautiful 1930's vintage lace from my lovely friend Juliet

I have amazing friends!

Kellie May

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