Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pretty Sunflower Princess//An Outfit Post

Dress- Windsor
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D
Bag- Coach Signature
Stuffed Animals- Courtesy of my 5 year old cousin
Today was an amazing day...although extremely hot it was a wonderful day spent with my cousin and her two daughters and my future cousin in law. It was so hot we all went out onto the porch and started fanning ourselves like three southern belles from Atlanta in the summer! It was so nice to spend the day with one of my best friends while putting the finishing touches on her wedding plans for this Saturday. Such a lovely day....plus I got to take my new favorite purse out on the town....an early birthday present from a dear friend. My birthday is this Wednesday! I can't wait....the big 23. Who am I kidding...23 isn't such a spectacular age but I always enjoy every birthday because it is another year I get to live life! :)

Kellie May

**P.S. The title of my outfit post is compliments of my 5 year old cousin Audrey who upon my walking into her house...said....."you look like a beautiful sunflower princess" and I just burst into laughter...I love days like these!

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  1. Why are you so freaking STUNNING! Just absolutely beautiful!