Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The name of todays blog post is circles for a couple of reasons...one being the circles I have been running in today getting everything done! It started this morning when I went to my grandpa's house early to take care of him for a bit. I ended up cleaning most of the house...then I came home to do some laundry and did a bunch of errands with my mom :) The best part of those errands was the trip to the fabric store. I use the term "fabric store" loosely because it is more like a giant bottomless pit of fabric = heaven! I was there fore two hours today which was great because I got the fabric I needed for my dress and the rest of the fabric to make my circle wall art...which brings me to the second reason for the blog title. I blogged a while back about making fabric portraits and I finally got the fabric I liked to make them...I hope you guys like how it turned out...because I am in love! I might add a few more but I have to get some more hoops.

Today was a much better day than yesterday...I was so tired and I was trying to make a slip...which you would think would be easy but it got the best of me! Thankfully my aunt is an angel and surprised me with this cute little sewing bag which cheered me right up.

Kellie May

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