Saturday, April 23, 2011

Patterns! Patterns! Patterns!

I always love getting new patterns and I especially love getting new (to me) vintage patterns! Luckily I have a wonderful mother and great friends who always keep their eye open for such things :) THANK YOU! I love patterns from the 1950's and 1940's especially, however it is kind of difficult to find ones from the 40's. I just discovered some really great patterns today while I was sorting through boxes with my mother in my sewing room. I am super excited about one in particular (see picture above) that I will make for my cousin-to-be's wedding rehearsal in a couple of weeks...I hope I can finish it in time. I'm thinking polka dot fabric.................we will see. Also stay tuned for an update on the last vintage dress I made...It is finished, I just have to get an outfit post up

Kellie May

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  1. Oooh, we can use one of those pattern's for my Miss Frizzle Dress! I LOVE your site!