Monday, September 19, 2011

A whirlwind of Adventures

Hello! SO many things have been going on lately...I am happy to say that I finally got all of the paper work I needed for my interview tomorrow...Yikes!!!! I HAVE AN INTERVIEW tomorrow!!! I hope all goes well. I am so excited to start working as an EMT :)  Recently I have gone on many fun adventures as well...because after all you have to work hard but play harder :) I went to the Long Beach Aquarium the other day with my family and my silly grandpa. He was so grumpy and didn't want to go but I think he ended up having the best time out of all of us! hehe. It was so nice because I haven't gone to an aquarium since I was really little. My favorite part was the sharks (and out of respect for my cousin that is mortally afraid of sharks and lets face it all sea creatures...I will not be posting any of the sea life. Sorry guys but I did already trick her into looking at the picture of the giant shark that I took) We ended the day at the aquarium with a wonderful tortilla soup dinner at Tequila Jacks in Shoreline village, one of our favorite places. This weekend I also got my camping fix when my family and I camped at Moro Canyon campground near Crystal Cove. SO...without further are the pictures!!!

Our literally he dances too!

P.s. I CAN'T wait until autumn....It is my favorite season and I can't wait to make beautiful wreaths and bake caramel apple muffins (recipe to follow) and get ready for Halloween!!


Kellie May

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