Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a working GIrl!!

Hello! well I am officially a working girl again :) I now work for Pacific ambulance as an EMT and I couldn't be more excited. Its only my first week of training but I already love it. Anyhoo....this past week my uncle from Tennessee came to visit me and although he was not feeling well we had a good time. We took him to Laughlin to gamble and even though I do not gamble I am glad he had fun. I also stumbled upon a great find at my Grandpa's house the other day. As I was looking out the window in his kitchen I saw an old 1950's swivel desk chair which I remember him using in his garage when we made things out of  wood (we use to make mini canoes and dolls and even doll beds!). So I saw the chair and couldn't resist the idea of fixing it up so I asked my Grandpa and he said I could have it. THAT is when the adventure started! The chair which had been sitting out in the yard had spiders all over it so I took it into the front yard to wash it off. Well.....I THOUGHT I had gotten all of the spiders off but as I went to take the chair out of my mother's car I almost touched a HUGE black spider (AND I am scared of spiders) so I screamed...naturally :) and the darn thing scurried into my mom's car. SO now my mom is hysterical because she doesn't want to drive with the spider in her car.....I am sooooo sorry mom. Here is a mini chronicle of my struggles with the chair...a finished product post to follow.

Uncle Glenn

Le Spider Chair

And when I opened up the seat....I found three more spiders....let the spider count end at 6..I hope

Kellie May

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